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E Ala E Hawai'ian sunrise chant


E Ala E
By Pualani Kanahele

(chanted before sunrise)

E ala e
Ka la i kahikina
I ka moana
Ka moana hohonu
Pi’i ka lewa
Ka lewa nu’u
I kahikina 
Aia ka la.
E ala e!

The sun in the east
From the ocean
The ocean deep
Climbing (to) the heaven
The heaven highest
In the east
There is the sun

http://www.mauna-a-wakea.info/maunakea/I2_traditional.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJeJodoZgew
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Sou Beija Flor


Sou Cantador                  Em

Minha Vida é Cantar .      Em

Vamos meus irmãos        Em Am

Vamos Cantar.                 G Em


Sou Beija-flor

Minha Vida é Voar.

E beijar as flores.

E Voar.


Sou Rezador.

Minha Vida é Rezar.

E pedir a Deus

Para nos ajudar.




Huitzi Tani Taiyo/ Nahuatl Hummingbird chant

Huitzi Tani taiho (2x) 
Ya taiyo whinny (3x) 
Ya ta Ney ho 
Ya taiyo whinny (2x) 
Ho he yana hey nei yo wei


Ayayayai Ayahuasca


Ayayayai Ayahuasca, Ayayayai Ayahuasca

Ayayayai Ayahuasca, Ayayayai Ayahuasca

(repeat 3x)


Ayayayai Anishipai, Ayayayai Anishipai

Ayayayai Anishipai, Ayayayai Anishipai

(repeat 3x)


Ayayayai cura curandera, Ayayayai cura curandera

Ayayayai cura curandera, Ayayayai cura curandera

(repeat 3x)



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Adonai Ori

Adonai Ori 4/4 
(traditional Hebrew song) 

Adonai ori veh yishee Am G 
Mimi eera Dm Am 
Adonai maoz chayai Am G 
Mimi efchad Dm Am 

Bikrow alai mehreh eem Dm Am 
Le echol et besari G Am 
Tzarai ve oivai hema Dm Am 
Kashelo venafaloo G 

Im tachane alai machaneh Dm Am 
Lo yira libi G Am 
Im takom alai milchama Dm Am 
Bezot ani boteach G E7 E 

Adonai ori Am 

Achat shaalti Am 
Meet adonai F 
Ota avakesh Dm7 Am 


A Sacred Prayer for Children.

A Sacred Prayer for Children.
May you know and grow up to believe that this world is a safe place.
May you grow up with parents that allow you to be yourself, with your parents encouraging your aptitude and uniqueness rather than imposing their expectations of you.
May you have the freedom to explore your world safely, with loving boundaries and the space to explore this beautiful world on which you have been born.
May the whisper of your mothers voice and song soothe and calm you in troubled times.




Abuelitos, abuelitas/Ayahuasca, Chacrunita estoy para escuchar

Abuelitos, abuelitas/ Ayahuasca, Chacrunit estoy para aprender 

Gran Espiritu, Gran Mistério estoy aquí para conocer

A mi misma al universo, el camino del amor


With my hands and feet i am present here

& i am open to your wisdom

With my head and heart i am present here

& i am open to your wisdom

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