Ek Ong Kar/Mul Mantra


Am Em Dm Am
Am Em Dm Am
Am Em
Dm Am
(Dm Am Em Am)


Ek ong Kar, sat nam kartaa purkh nirbhao niravair
Akaal moorat ajoonee saibhang Gur prasaad jap
Aad sach jugaad sach
Hai bhee sach; Nanak hosee bhee sach

(One Creator, Truth is God’s name, Doer of everything, Fearless, Without anger, Undying, Unborn, Self-Illumined; Realized through Guru’s grace; Repeat and meditate; True in the beginning; True through all ages; True even now; Nanak says Truth shall ever be.)

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Sára Rain
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Snatam Kaur; SARA RAIN;
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