A Sacred Prayer for Children.

Written and spoken by Stellar @ http://stellar1.bandcamp.com

A Sacred Prayer for Children.
May you know and grow up to believe that this world is a safe place.
May you grow up with parents that allow you to be yourself, with your parents encouraging your aptitude and uniqueness rather than imposing their expectations of you.
May you have the freedom to explore your world safely, with loving boundaries and the space to explore this beautiful world on which you have been born.
May the whisper of your mothers voice and song soothe and calm you in troubled times.
May the hand of your father tenderly hold yours as he guides you to the beauty of protection and trust.
May you know a world where you become everyone's child, everyone is your teacher and you learn to honour and respect them for all the guidance, love and lessons they have to share with you.
May you also know that you are their teacher too, even before you can crawl or speak, you are someones teacher and may they see the gift of that.
May you swell with knowledge and expand with all creation and know that your heart leads the way. 
May your innocence last a life time as your innate creativity is allowed expression and your willingness to play is celebrated.
May you know the beauty of adventure as it teaches you endurance of the Human spirit.
May your version of God and Goddess be balanced so that you can become whole and realise your innate spark of Divinity.
May your trusted caregivers commit fully to your growth, by forgetting themselves and putting You, dear child, first.
May you remind those caregivers, that by putting you first, they grow exponentially too.
May you listen to your elders, so that you can evolve and grow from their honourable life lessons.
May you welcome new experiences and find true beauty in nature.
May you know love, protection, safety and nurturing so you can thrive.
May you have the Divine Ecclesiastical Right of the Rule of Law, to be happy, safe, nutrured, nourished, educated and Loved in all your days.
May you be humble enough to know that you are very special and unique, just like all other children and that you have a unique role in this world, just like all other children. Same but a different part of the Whole.
May you have the wisdom of your ancestors to guide the way when your parents have passed on and you are the first generation adult to bring your own children through.
May you know the difference between right and wrong and live the right path of your souls expression and completion, whilst having compassion for yourself for the mistakes you make as you learn the right path. Each day is a new beginning and remember to pat yourself on the back for any changes you make through learning for your growth.
May you know the beauty of forgiveness and the Joy it can bring when you cease to control and allow life to flow.
May you know that you are someones future and not someones past.
May you have a voice when you meet injustice and may your voice be heard and fully recognised.
And most of all dear child, may you know Love, for Love is something to strive to be. You are lovable, You are Loved and You are Love.
From a Mothers heart to all children.
And so it is.

Music composed by Craig Pruess @ http://www.heaven-on-earth-music.co.uk
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